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Welcome To Summer!

The days are longer. The waters are warmer. The jellyfish are coming. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days are just the time to enlist your sailboat captain to bring you to your own private island. Your lifetime voyage is far too important to trust with green hands. The path dependency requires the experience of an old salt. Climb aboard!

Chart Your Course!

Helping You Navigate Through Life’s Financial Uncertainties

We provide business owners with sound financial planning and investment advisory services. Your life is complicated and your daily schedule requires you to be on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - all while trying to make an impact and build a legacy. We are with you every mile of the way as your financial captain sailing toward your safe harbor.

We educate you on how to plan and invest using your brain rather than your stomach. This principle allows us to make objective investment decisions over the long run that have a material impact on your future. Our systematic approach is well suited to investors who value taking calculated risks in maximizing their wealth potential. We are a 100% independent and employee owned fee-only fiduciary. This means we always sit on your side of the table.
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