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Women's History Month

International Women's Day

Yes, I know that I am two days late for this party. But, I did get to wish several women "Happy International Women's Day" on both Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. Sadly, I did not have one speck of purple to wear on either of those days to commemorate the occasion. You may know that International Women's Day has been celebrated every year on March 8 since 1917 (in then communist Russia) and since 1977 here in the US. The roots of an organized movement to demand equal rights for women started as early as 1857 in New York. My guess is that equality has been a point of contention between the genders since the dawn of time. Read MORE!

Men At Work

One of my favorite bands from the early 1980s was named Men At Work. Their Australian accents and tales from Down Under resonated during the Crocodile Dundee era of machoism. It was a few years ago - while passing a roadside sign that alerted "Men At Work" - that I discovered a newfound humor in the phrase and the band name. What made me laugh out loud was the novelty of actually seeing men at work. It opened my own eyes to the fact that I myself have lived my entire life in male dominated professions (engineering and finance). Females have often either been underrepresented or been passed over for more senior roles. This unfortunate slight still raises its ugly head when (predominately male) investment advisors overlook the concerns of roughly 50% of their current or potential clients. Listen HERE!

Women's History Month

I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to Apple TV+ around the turn of the year and started to watch a new series named "For All Mankind." As luck would have it, the (fictional) show took an interesting turn when I watched on Sunday (March 8) as a Soviet Cosmonaut became the first woman to land on the moon. The inspired look on the faces of the female characters showed their underlying hope and determination at this impressive feat. The fallout at NASA was immediate and dramatic as the Soviets had - yet again - beaten the US in an important (fictional) milestone in the never ending space race. This prompted a desperate search for female pilots who could quickly climb the ladder in the astronaut training program so that an American woman could fly the flag on the lunar surface. This story highlights (and reminds men) of the incredible contributions made to society, science, and civilization by BOTH genders. Watch VIDEO!

Mother's Day Preview

It seems to me that International Women's Day should be celebrated on not just one day - or even one month - but, perhaps for 50% of the year. I was blessed with a mother who was tough as nails on the outside and sweet as syrup on the inside. She never held back her honest opinion or missed an opportunity to give you a hug. Raising children is much like investing in financial markets. It is not always peaches and cream. The payback usually comes decades later in the form of smiles and thanks. When my late mother met my late father, she pretended to be a novice on their first ski outing. As she buzzed past him and his buddies at Mach 2, their jaws dropped to the snow. He asked "what should I do?" They replied "you better go catch her!"

I know I ski like a girl. Try to keep up! - Lindsay Vonn, Olympic Gold Medalist

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